Nanny - In the Clouds



1. How much will my nanny charge?

We suggest paying $20 per hour. This would equate to a nanny earning roughly $150 for a cross country flight. The flight itself is 5 hours, plus an extra 2 or 3 hours for the time to get through security, the waiting time at the gate, and at the baggage claim area. If you need to hire the nanny for more or less hours for your flight, that is fine. You can simply work it out once you make contact with your nanny. Your nanny is responsible for communicating her hourly rate to you. Upon chatting with your nanny, you will negotiate a rate together. We recommend paying your nanny by the hour instead of by the flight due to unexpected delays that sometimes arise in travel. We also recommend that the hourly charge should correspond to the number of children in the family.

Recommended rates:
One child= $20 per hour
Two children=$22 per hour
Three children=$24 per hour


2. As a parent, what kinds of things should I pack to make the flight easier?

As a mom, I often get frustrated on flights when I have a change of clothes for my baby, but not for myself. There have been countless times when I have gotten baby food all over me, spit up on me, or worse—poop! Yes, blowouts always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, and flying is just one of those times!
Finally, there is a way to protect your clothes from getting dirty and keep you looking cute at all times. This top can even can be worn as a nursing cover. Introducing the Momcho Poncho. Now, I literally don’t leave home without it.

On to other topics, there are many ways to make your flight more enjoyable. First of all, snacks and meals are a must! For babies, make sure that you have packed more than enough formula and (or) breast milk with you for your flight. Security needs to check all liquids with a test or by patting one of the parents down. As far as entertainment for yourself, don’t worry, your kids will keep you so busy you won’t have time to worry about that. Bring a pair of earphones in case your kids decide to take a nap long enough for you to catch the in –flight movie. Chewing gum always helps me with ear pain when taking off or landing, and if all else fails and your kids get very cranky, you can entertain them by blowing bubbles with your gum!


3. What kind of food is good for toddlers?

I think flights are a time to splurge on the treats, because it is hard for little ones to sit in a confined space for several hours, and sometimes bribery with a few sugary treats can go a long way. Of course, you run into a bit of trouble if you give them too much sugar and they go crazy with a sugar high, so striking a balance is key. Things like granola bars, string cheese, apple, orange, carrot, or cucumber slices, cereal in Ziploc bags to munch on (I save the Lucky Charms for when I really need cooperation…for example, "Okay, if you stop kicking the seat in front of you I will let you have some Lucky Charms!"...that kind of thing). Goldfish crackers have saved the day on many a trip I have had, since often times they are the only thing my little guy wants to eat. Another great tip is to bring lollipops, since sucking on something often helps kids ears during takeoff and landing.

If you are flying during a mealtime, I highly suggest packing something your child will eat. People seem to be hungrier than normal while flying, at least in my family, so I make sure to pack a sandwich for myself and my little ones. Turkey, almond butter and jelly, whatever floats your boat. Chances are that your packed lunch will make your kids happier than a soggy sandwich bought in the airport. Other protein packed ideas are cottage cheese in a plastic container, greek yogurt, and cheddar cheese triangles and crackers.


4. What kinds of activities can my kids do while on the plane? They are under 5 years old.

Activities on the plane can take place, you just have to use your imagination!

Babies seem to love the magazines in the seat back in front of them. This can provide about 20 minutes of entertainment for both of you, since the pictures are interesting and sometimes you can catch a few headings of some articles. (You won’t be able to read the whole thing, trust me.)

For babies, eating really breaks up the flight. So if they are eating solids, make sure to bring plenty of options, like rice cereal that you can just add water to, oatmeal, and jarred or homemade baby food. I like the pouches as well since they don’t require a spoon. I my experience, babies usually take at least a half hr nap on the plane since the sound of the engines can lull them to sleep.

Young toddlers can play with all kinds of things in their seat, provided you bring some toys with you! My suggestion is to go to the dollar store or party store and stock up on inexpensive items such as toy cars that they can play with on their tray table. Throughout the flight, as your child gets antsy, you can pull these surprise toys out of your bag so that your little one has something new to discover. If you are really crafty and well prepared, you can wrap each item!

Coloring books, play dough, silly putty, these are all great ways to make the time fly by. Favourite books, favourite videos on the DVR player, iPad or phone are all entertaining as well. There are many educational games that can be downloaded and played on the plane, which are a great way to pass the time.

One thing that has worked really well for me are the photo settings on the iPad. My son loves to take picture after picture with different color settings to see how funny the pictures come out. Sure, I end up with 200 pictures of him in his seat when we get to our destination, but he spent his time happy and playing on the flight, and that is all that matters!!

If your child has a special lovely or stuffed animal, definitely bring him or her on the plane with you, do not pack it underneath. There have been times on the plane where my child wanted his lovely, even though it is big and bulky I was SO glad to have it with me. You just don’t want to take chances with something that will make your child calm and happy while travelling to an unfamiliar destination.


5. How can I make a layover easier with kids?

If you aren't too rushed to get to your next flight, a layover is a great time to stretch your legs, go for a walk, and get the kids’ wiggles out. Walk around the terminal. Show the kids the big planes. Ask them questions about the planes. What did they like about their flight? Do they know where the luggage goes? Do they know how high the airplane flies? Airports are a place of wonder and magic. Let them learn as much as possible during their experience.

If you have a baby, this is a great chance to change their diaper at a real changing station with a full size changing table. Take advantage of this! The airplane changing tables are so small, this is your chance to change the baby one more time at a full size station!

If you have time to eat, this is suggested as well. First of all, it is fun to see what kind of food choices are at new airports, and if you don’t have anything packed you can search out for the best, healthiest, and most fun option and pick it up to go! Kids love to have control, so if you give them 2 choices of what they can have, they usually are happy being the decision maker and picking their next meal!


6. Okay, now that I have been matched with my nanny, now what. What exactly will she do?

Yay! You found a match. So now you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that you are not alone in this journey. You can chat with her about the activities you brought for the kids on the flight, and tell her what the kids favourite things are. Then , together you can navigate the flight and make sure the kids are happy. The key is together. Hiring a nanny in the clouds is not about sending your kids off to another area in the plane so you can fly by yourself. Having a nanny in the clouds will give you the peace of mind to know that you are not alone in your journey with kids. And, we think that is priceless.


7. What happens when the unexpected happens and delays occur?

If flight delays occur and this causes you to incur more cost for your nanny than you are able to pay, you must let your nanny know as soon as possible. This will allow her to take a break (unpaid) and ensure that your costs are manageable.


8. What happens if my child does not like the nanny?

You know your child best. If your child is the type that may take a little while to warm up to a new person, then be aware of that and give the nanny a chance to get to know your child. However, if your child is going through a stage where they are completely attached to you and won't warm up to anyone else, (this can be a common problem for some babies and toddlers) then nanny in the Clouds may not be the best solution for you. Some children do take several meetings before warming up to a new person. If this is the case, then the best way for nanny in the Clouds to work for you is to set up one or two in person meetings with your nanny.


9. How can I be sure that our nanny will be able to sit with me and my children?

Once you have found a nanny match for your flight, you need to call your airline to arrange for them to seat you together. If they are unable to accommodate your request, you can wait until the day of your flight and ask them again at the ticket counter or on the plane.


10. I have more questions, who can I call?

We are here to help! If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are always here to help!
Happy and safe travels to all!

All The Best,