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Nanny in The Clouds Offers In-Air Babysitting ensuring a hassle-free trip

Even with decent in-flight entertainment and gadgets, flying with kids is sometimes seen as one of the more stressful elements of a trip. Many parents look like and often say they need an extra hand to help them manage luggage, kids, tickets and seats. Step forward Nanny in the clouds, a new service which has built a business to cater for such woes. In simple terms it matches parents (flying with kids) with fellow passengers in the plane who are willing to offer a helping hand for a fee. - See more at: Read More..

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Matches parents with experienced nannies already booked on the same flight who can help take care of kids during air travel. Read More..

Inflight nanny service aims to relieve the stress of flying with kids

Nanny in the Clouds is a web-based service designed to enable parents to find out whether there will be any registered nannies travelling on their flight who would be willing to provide childcare services for a pre-negotiated fee. The idea is that the nanny would be able to earn some extra cash while alleviating some of the stress felt by the parent at the prospect of keeping their offspring amused for several hours in a confined space. Read More..

No kidding on long-haul flights

Ms.Melnick says "We have had a lot of requests for help [from the US] to England, Australia and other countries, since long-haul flights are the most stressful of all. We are a service created by a mum, for other mums, so that flying doesn't have to be so stressful any more."Read More..

Travelling with Tiny Tots

Nanny in the clouds matches babysitter with parents where babysitters help you on the way through airplane.Watch Video..

Keeping the Peace in Coach

The experience led Ms. Melnick, a public relations consultant, to create Nanny in the Clouds, an online market that connects traveling parents with people on the same flight who might be interested in making some money baby-sitting for a child at 36,000 feet. Read More..

Air Asia X launches child-free seating

AirAsia waits to see how the new rules play out, other airlines are promoting their kid-friendly flying practices.
Gulf Air and Emirates both offer passengers free in-flight nanny services, ranging from entertaining children to helping with meals.Nanny in the Clouds, a new US website, connects fliers with potential babysitters scheduled on the same flight. Read More..

Rutgers Graduate's Dreams of an In-Air Babysitting Service Take Wing

Nanny in the Clouds, a website that pairs parents with registered babysitters on the same planeRead More..

Would You Hire an In-Flight Babysitter?

For a $10 fee, you will be able to contact the nanny and privately negotiate rates and all details. It's pretty much a win-win situation. Read More..

Nightmare In The Sky

The skies aren't always friendly with screaming kids. Should parents be expected to placate fellow passengers? Or do airlines need to make a special kid-friendly spot?Read More..

Website of the Week:

Nanny In The Clouds matches families flying with young children with people already on the flight who are willing to act as nannies for the kidsRead More..

Flying with Kids? How about an In-Flight Nanny?

Nanny in the Clouds connecting families in transit with nannies in transitRead More..

Mary Poppins Flies the Seat Next to Your Child

"Nanny in the Clouds" promises to hook up frazzled parents with experienced childcare workers for the course of an airline flightRead More..

Nanny in the cloud

Simple offer to match passengers traveling with children with nannies traveling on the same flight.Read More..

Vacation Confidential....Tykes on a Plane

Watch Video..

Nanny in the Clouds Takes Babysitting to the Skies

Nanny in the Clouds matches babysitters who have already booked air travel with parents and OMGparents who are on the same flight. For a $10 fee plus the cost of babysitting, parents can find a fun chaperone for their children–without paying for the sitter's airfare Read More..

Nanny in the Clouds -Find Instant Help on Your Next Flight

A nanny service that matches traveling families and nannies who are already on the same flight! For a nominal $10 matching fee, you're able to search database of nannies traveling on your route and selected dates, and contact the person that may make your next flight with children so much easier and more enjoyable.Read More..

Traveling with Kids? A Nanny in the Clouds might be just what you need

If you're the parent, you're tired, embarrassed and ready to have your own tantrum.There is one company that has found the solution for fussy babies and roaming toddlers on airline flights: Nanny in the Clouds.Read More..

Can You Outsource Child Care On A Plane?

Enter Nanny in the Clouds, a web service that allows parents to identify other adults on a flight who might take care of their kids. Read More..

Malaysia Airlines launches kid-free economy zone

Malaysia Airlines is the first to ban or segregate the little ones on flights, other airlines do recognize that traveling with young kids on long-haul flights isn't easy.Read More..

Markets in the Air

People on flights with kids want some help; other people on flights want to make some money taking care of kids.Read More..

Childfree Flights Coming Soon (If You're Going To Malaysia)

Folks who fly regularly have had this experience: a nearby kid is screaming at the top of his or her lungs. The most dedicated parent isn't pleased when someone else's kid is making the flight a horror show for everybody else.Read More..

Traveling With Kids? Now You Can Hire an In-Flight Nanny

If you've ever flown across the country with your children in tow, you've probably wished for some extra help. Thousands of flights crisscross the skies each day, so it seems it would take a decent dose of serendipity to pair eligible sitters with interested parents on the same flight. Read More..

Child-minders at 36,000 feet

There are in the region of 30,000 commercial flights leaving American airports each day. The babysitter inputs details of flights they will be taking on the website. The child-toting passenger inputs details of flights where they need help. Read More..

Flying with Kids? Hire an in-flight nanny

The nanny services can be as simple as sitting with the kids during the flight, or could extend all the way from the airport check-in to the hotel room. Read More..

Nanny in the Clouds helps families travel

Nanny in the Clouds matches families with potential in-flight babysitters who are travelling on the same flight and can lend a hand through security on the ground and then in the air. After finding a babysitter through the service, it's up to parents to negotiate a fee.Read More..

Book a Nanny and Fly Stress Free

Nanny in the Clouds is a Californian based online company which started after a mom, traveling with her 2 year old, from the East Coast to the West Coast, realized the benefit of networking traveling parents with traveling babysitters; a simple fix to a parent's flying nightmare. Read More..

Would you hire an in-flight nanny to watch your kids?

The California-based website connects parents with nannies who are traveling on the same flight as they are. Parents and nannies register for free, but parents pay a $10 fee for the site to connect them with the nanny. Read More..

Service matches parents traveling with young kids with babysitters on the same flight

Traveling with young kids is a perennial challenge for parents around the globe. Parents planning a trip, meanwhile, can search for registered nannies on their flight; it costs USD 10 to get matched with a nanny, or they can buy an annual subscription for USD 50. Read More..

Traveling with Young children? Find a sitter in the sky

"My child didn't want to sit still and he needed to be walked up and down the aisle 5,000 times," Melnick, who was traveling solo with her son, told "It was just such a draining experience." Read More..

In-Flight Nannies Help Ease Traveling With Children

I'll be traveling, by plane, for the first time, with my infant daughter. The panic that sets in every time I think about this looming trip is, I'm told, very common among new moms. Read More..

Nanny in the Clouds: Would You Hire an In-Flight Babysitter?

Nanny in the Clouds was started by a mother who had one of those "light bulb" moments while traveling with her 2-year-old son from Florida to Los Angeles. Read More..

Travelling with a screaming child?

Nanny In The Clouds aims to pair families with a childcarer who is booked on the same flight. If a nanny is not available on the family's flight, they can set up an alert that will let them know if and when one becomes available. Read More..

Well, this might be a way to lessen the stress of flying with kids

Air travel with children is a major challenge at the best of times. Add in boredom, hunger or diaper issues and even the most confident parent can crumple into a sticky, defeated mess. It's no way to start or finish a holiday.Read More..

Airplane Nannies: New Job Helps Parents Manage Kids On Planes

Parents dreading the thought of taking their kids on an airplane during these March holidays are getting some relief from a clever entrepreneur. Read More..

Family of Screaming Toddler Kicked Off Flight: We've Got a Solution

The parents tried to hold the screaming toddler down in her seat with the seat belt on, but the pilot and flight attendant made the decision to kick the family off the flight and leave without them. Read More..

How much would you pay for a nanny's help on your next flight?

For parents flying alone with babies and toddlers, this service could be a godsend—especially when they can also make arrangements with the nanny to assist at the airport before or after the flight. Read More..

Nanny in the Clouds

It's a great idea to have a helping hand on a flight, especially long flights or if traveling solo with little ones. The service costs parents $10 to get matched with a nanny, or $50 for an annual subscription. Read More..

An Interview with Nanny in the Clouds

With Nanny in the Clouds, all you have to pay is her hourly rate. That is the beauty of our site! She is already going to the same place as you, so it is a win-win situation for both! Read More..

Momtrepreneur-Nanny In The Clouds

Julie Melnick talks about how you can fly and hire a nanny on the same flight. Check out the video…

Nanny in the Clouds: Flying with Kids Just Got Easier

It's a pretty simple concept, really. Parents visit Nanny in the Clouds, enter their airline and flight number along with the date. You are then matched with nannies who are available on those flights. Read More..

Nanny Service on Airplanes?

"It is going to make (flying) a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. It's peace of mind to know that you don't have to travel alone," said Melnick. Parents enter their flight information on the website and hopefor a nanny with the same flight schedule. Read More..

The Joys of Flight

Our kids DO NOT sleep on planes or in cars so we can't count on them sleeping the hours away. I really envy parents with kids that do sleep. Hire a babysitter to help. I know that this sounds like it would be pricy. Read More..

Nanny in the Clouds – Changing the Way Families Fly

Parents who have traveled by air with infants and small children know far too well the stress involved with handling tickets, bags and kids in tow . Read More..